Public Shells For Going Public with Reverse Mergers
Go Public Institute has advised and assisted over 50 companies to successfully Go Public..

Go Public Institute provides advice and introductions to professional firms necessary for all public companies, including:

Funding Sources Funding Sources
PIPE investors PIPE investors
Investment Bankers Investment Bankers
Securities Attorneys Securities Attorneys
PCAOB Qualified Auditors PCAOB Qualified Auditors
Investor Relations Firms Investor Relations Firms
Market Makers Market Makers
Transfer Agents Transfer Agents
Qualified Board Members Qualified Board Members

Go Public Institute has several flexible options for assisting a company in going public, including:

Traditional Underwriting - IPO Traditional Underwriting - IPO
Reverse Merger Reverse Merger - A private company mergers with a public shell
Self Filing Self Filing - Creating a custom public shell company

From reverse merger services in acquiring existing public shells for sale, to creating IPOs, to creating a custom public shell company for your business, Go Public Institute will provide you with a financial plan that complements your needs.

Go Public Disclaimer – Go Public Institute performs no underwriting function and acts solely on behalf of a client company in providing in-house financial advisory services. Although the consulting services of Go Public Institute may include general advice and consultation regarding legal topics relating to the consulting services to be rendered, particularly with respect to areas of financial expertise of Go Public Institute, the services rendered by Go Public Institute do not include the rendition of professional legal services or any specific legal service, advice or consultation by any affiliate of Go Public Institute. Go Public Institute is not a Broker Dealer or registered with FINRA or the SEC. Go Public Institute will not accept broker fees or compensation for raising capital.

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